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||| Forms:  Application for Lease Guarantor Application

Hello and thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Kevin Daly, and I'm an associate broker at Prince Real Estate Associates (see latest listings). I have over 15 years experience in helping many individuals and families find a place to live in New York City. I believe educating our customers and clients is important. We work hard to provide worthy and relative information and answer any questions they may have. Let me help you find your next home by contacting me by phone at 917.312.8643, or email me at

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Forms: Application for Lease  Guarantor Application

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Some videos are also below the NYC Trivia section of our site. Here's one of my favorite quotes:
Buy land, they're not making it anymore." -- Mark Twain (aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens)

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||| Forms:  Application for Lease Guarantor Application

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NYC Trivia

The popular phrase “other side of the tracks” was originally coined in NYC back in the late 1800’s to describe the people living West of the Manhattan Elevated Third Avenue Railroad. 

Photo: Manhattan elevated trains – From 1870 until 1903, Manhattan's elevated trains were powered by small steam locomotives.

Recognize this building? This building was used for the opening credit of the CBS series "The Jeffersons," and is where George and Louise ("Louisie") lived.

This American sitcom (1975-1985) created by TV producer Normal Lear, focused on the life of an upper, middle-class African American couple in NYC . Social Media Intro